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Monday, August 16, 2021


The Afghanistan retreat capped a first half year for the Biden presidency in which he and his team insulted America and coddled its enemies.

The theme has so permeated an administration stocked with former Obama policymakers that Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s message during the U.S. surrender to murderous Taliban fanatics was: Leave our embassy alone, and we’ll send money. The embassy is now empty of Americans.

American confidence has given way to an “America Last” agenda that got off to a quick start and is still running strong.

The president has consistently painted America as a horrible place for Blacks to live.

After seven days in office, he said, “And the simple truth is: Our soul will be troubled as long as systemic racism is allowed to persist. We can’t eliminate it. It’s not going to be overnight. We can’t eliminate everything, but it’s corrosive, it’s destructive and it’s costly.”

After a police officer was convicted of murdering George Floyd, a Black man, Mr. Biden said, “The systemic racism that’s a stain on our nation’s soul — the knee on the neck of justice for Black Americans — profound fear and trauma, the pain, the exhaustion that Black and brown Americans experience every single day.”

For the record, Minnesota’s attorney general said Floyd’s death was not racially motivated.

“We don’t have any evidence that Derek Chauvin factored in George Floyd’s race as he did what he did,” Attorney General Keith Ellison, a Democrat, said on “60 Minutes.”

Vice President Kamala Harris said this spring: “Racism is real in America, and it has always been. Xenophobia is real in America and always has been. Sexism, too.”

Mr. Blinken has joined the chorus.

He went so far in July as to invite United Nations personnel to inspect America for racism.

“I urge all U.N. member states to join the United States in this effort and confront the scourge of racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia,” Mr. Blinken said.

Mr. Blinken tapped the U.N. special rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism to scrutinize Americans. He also opened the door to any other U.N. expert who wants to weigh in. In other words, our top diplomat has welcomed all our enemies from truly racist, dictatorial murderous regimes to lecture the freest country on earth.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, indicted the country from the start.

“I’ve seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved White supremacy into our founding documents and principles,” she said.

If Americans are counting on someone in their corner at the world body, don’t. 

Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran were delighted. A propaganda bonanza. Who will listen to America anymore?

Mr. Biden and Attorney General Merrick B. Garland have labeled Americans, not foreign adversaries, as the greatest threat to the U.S. The profile they offer is an insult to supporters of former President Donald Trump and Republicans in general. Biden-Garland ignored the six months of left-wing rioting in 2020 that killed and injured innocent people and destroyed billions of dollars in businesses and homes.

To that end, the Department of Homeland Security –– the office that is letting in throngs of illegal immigrants, some infected with the coronavirus –– put out a terror alert Friday. The document is insulting to Americans. If you question the results of the 2020 presidential election or the need to mask up, you are pretty much a terrorist.

American enthusiasts say the country they know is the least-racist place on earth, that Black Americans are the freest and wealthiest Blacks in the world, and that people of color vote for the U.S. by seeking entrance by the millions.

On that note, while Mr. Biden was calling the country racist, he opened the southern border to just about anyone. As a candidate, he urged a “surge” from the south and promised free health care and education.

The open border has surely helped the drug cartels ––– America’s enemies –– by delivering them millions of dollars in human and drug trafficking proceeds. China, another enemy, also wins. It is injecting vast quantities of fentanyl into the country, via the cartels, to kill more Americans.

The real plan: Democrats see the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants seeding new party voters in red states.

In foreign policy, Mr. Biden could not cave fast enough at the feet of strongman Vladimir Putin. Where President Trump had blocked the Russian president’s coveted Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, Mr. Biden quickly dropped objections. He delivered a major victory to a dictator-style president who attacks America in the cybersphere to destabilize our food, energy and politics.

In Iran, his administration groveled before the mullahs to get them back to the negotiating table to restart the Obama nuclear deal trashed by Mr. Trump.

Mr. Biden removed Iran’s proxies in Yemen from the Trump terrorist list. The Houthi movement proceeded to fire rockets into Saudi Arabia. Iran’s surrogates in Iraq began stepping up missile attacks on our troops there.

Hamas, weaponized and directed by Tehran’s Islamic dictatorship, fired thousands of rockets into Israel. Hamas leaders repeated their pledge to eliminate all Jewish people. Mr. Biden began funding the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which Mr. Trump had isolated.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the Biden team banned the title “Abraham Accords,” named and inked by Mr. Trump. The agreements established full diplomatic and economic ties between Israel and old adversary United Arab Emirates and other Arab states.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed the accords as nonproductive.

This is the month Mr. Biden delivered his biggest victory to our nation’s terrorist enemies. He grossly overestimated the fighting power of the Afghan security forces. He guaranteed on July 8 that Afghan forces would defend the elected government after American troops left.

“I trust the capacity of the Afghan military,” he said.

The commander in chief was way off. The huge but hollow Afghan security forces put up little resistance to the Taliban. They lacked the American overhead firepower and on-the-ground guidance.

Mr. Biden presided over our greatest defeat, given $2 trillion spent and lives lost and maimed over 20 years and given the scenario that Afghanistan will once again become a nest of international terrorists.

• Rowan Scarborough is a columnist at The Washington Times.

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