Wednesday, April 7, 2021


America is facing a worsening crisis of uncontrolled illegal immigration ignited by the radical Biden immigration agenda. Less than 100 days into the Biden presidency, we are witnessing a deeply destructive “Biden effect” at our southern border, as his radical immigration agenda has become a magnet for renewed illegal immigration. By reversing the positive immigration policy changes made by the Trump administration, the “Biden effect” is a growing disaster for America.

Today, the number of people illegally coming into the country is more than 6,000 per day — six times the crisis level set by the Obama gang. This Biden agenda will most assuredly lead to millions more illegal aliens rushing into our country, jeopardizing our economy, our jobs and our access to health care and education. It is going to be bad for America.

This influx is the most important issue facing America. No other issue so broadly affects every other issue like illegal immigration — whether it be our economy, foreign policy, culture, religion, crime, law and order, or even congressional apportionment.

We must remember: The political left not only wants to make it easier for non-citizens to vote, but they also want more illegal aliens to keep coming, be forgiven with amnesty and vote for their candidates. So in every way it can, the “open borders” Biden gang is attempting to overwhelm our system of controlled immigration and bring it down.


Oak Park, Calif.

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