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Monday, April 5, 2021


Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the guy the leftists love to hate, turned the tables on his accusers, called them out as little more than communists, and then listed two things Americans need to do to secure the country’s liberties long into the future: Restore the culture, including the nobility in the Pledge of Allegiance, and “get people back to church.”

How right he is.

As radio icon Michael Savage might put it: borders, language, culture.

America’s culture, lately, has been turned over to the Marxists.

“The hard left in our country is working overtime to dismantle our Constitution and our constitutional republic,” Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, said during a recent FlashPoint interview.

And America stands at a crossroads, he went on. Do we continue the path of freedom — this great “experiment in democracy?” Or do we turn toward the left, “towards socialism, Marxism, communism,” also known as today’s Democratic Party — also known as “liberalism,” “progressivism,” Flynn said.

Yep, that’s the battle line.

“It is a massive, major transition point in the United States of America,” he said. 

Individualism versus collectivism.

God-given rights versus government-granted rights.

Freedom, as Founding Fathers envisioned it — or enslavement to global government whim.

What to do?

“We really need to restore two points in this country … the first is sort of the cultural component, and that’s the culture of who we are, like from the 31 beautiful words in our Pledge of Allegiance,” Flynn said.

“And the other sort of call to action is really about our faith,” he went on. “Open up the doors. Open up the gates. Let’s get people back to church.”

And not through Zoom, he said.

In person. 

In person, in church, in a physical community of Bible-believing believers — as God intended worship, as God intended worshippers to gather.

Bam. This indeed is the key to keeping America’s freedoms intact, and keeping at bay the far leftists who pretend to be progressive but who are really Marxists and globalists and collectivists, selling their social justice crap and social equity bull as if it’s all some sort of guarantee of better life for all.

It’s a lie.

It’s the tried-and-truly failed lie of the socialists.

And in America, where founders built a system of governance that relied on the moral compass of the people — where freedoms were rooted in a Creator, and for the individual first, the state, second — it’s only through faith and the church and Judeo-Christian principles that the socialists and communists can be tossed to the side, thrust into the dung heaps, where they belong.

God-given isn’t just a blessing. It carries a responsibility.

It carries a responsibility to fight for the God-given, which means, in essence, fighting for God.

“It’s about our faith and really who we are. … Our Constitution was built on faith, it was built on the Bible,” as Flynn said. “We should be fearless about this. … The Judeo Christian values that we should be fearless about is really what our country is about.”

Right again. Fearless to the point of unceasing.

The fate of America rests entirely on the ability of Americans to keep the Judeo-Christian torch alive, burning bright. And that means Americans need to get back to church.

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