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Thursday, April 15, 2021


The website LawnStarter, which is the advertising forum for a landscaping, pest control and home care company, just put out a list called “2021’s Best Cities to Get Stoned.”

This could be a commentary on the moral decay of society, the degradation of values in America. But it says much more about the principles of Democrats.

All the cities on the list? Run by Democrats. Dominated by Democrats. Populated by Democratic voters.

The party of President Biden should be so proud. Actually, the party of Vice President Kamala Harris should be even prouder; half of the top 21 best stoner cities hail from her home state of California.

Topping the list: Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, followed by three other California cities — Fullerton, Garden Grove and Glendale. Then it’s back to Colorado — to Colorado Springs. Boston, Portland, Las Vegas all make the list. So, too, Detroit, wedged in between Orange, California, and Torrance, California. Then come more California spots: Santa Ana, Pasadena, Huntington Beach and Anaheim. The last four? Lakewood, Colorado; Ontario, California; Worcester, Massachusetts; and Oakland, California.

Yay, Team Democrats.

“Whatever you seek from marijuana — inspiration, relief or relaxation — there are places in America guaranteed to enhance your experience,” LawnStarter wrote.

The company searched 94 cities that offer recreational marijuana to the masses and considered these crucial questions: What kind of head shops were in the area? What kind of easy access did these pot dispensaries offer? How many friendly smoking lounges were in the area?

Doubtless, these cities will have some stiff competition coming. New York, Virginia and New Jersey just legalized recreational marijuana for adults.

The common denominator once again: states run by Democrats.

No wonder Democrats are run by pure emotion, not logic. No wonder they hate facts and believe in the power of the fabrication. No wonder their pieces of legislation, their political agendas, their power-to-the-people petitions are all fueled by sheer emotional and emotion-filled jargon, devoid of the necessary foundations of realistic considerations like cost or Constitution or long-term effects on the country. No wonder they’re always crying about social justice causes instead of working for what they want based on freedoms and abilities that they’re already granted, that they already possess.

They’ve doped away their abilities to think.

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