Tuesday, September 29, 2020


CHAOS — Chaos reigned. America got a binge session of politicians gone wild. That’s sort of like President Trump winning.

JOE BIDEN — He got through it without a major mental meltdown or one of his eyeballs exploding.

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CLOWNS — They almost never get a shout out at a presidential debate.

CLIMATE-CHANGE ACTIVISTS — Mr. Trump gave them an unexpected nod by saying he believed human pollution and greenhouse gases contribute to climate change.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS — They flew under the radar in this debate.

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HUNTER BIDEN — His dad scrambled to defend him and his sweetheart deals. On his drug problems, Joe Biden offered that, “He got over it.”

CHRIS WALLACE — He both lost control of the debate and alienated Trump supporters who saw him as a biased referee.


PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES — Love it or hate it, this one is going to be tough to top.

FACE MASKS — Only Jill Biden bothered to don one.

OBAMACARE — Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden both said they could do it better.

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