Tuesday, May 5, 2020


“Have a nice day” has changed to “Stay safe.” Everything these days is “for your safety” and “to keep you safe.” But some things are more important than safety, such as freedom. The American Revolution and world wars I and II were not at all “safe,” but they were necessary. More than 50 million died worldwide as a result.

So far, fewer than 70,000 in the United States have died of the coronavirus, and that figure includes those with pre-existing, life-threatening conditions. That is one in 5,000 — not a huge risk. For this, 30 million people have lost their jobs and the U.S. population is under house arrest except to buy food and encounter the tyranny of the supermarket. Security guards surveil the parks.

I’m 87. For me death is not a risk, but a certainty. I don’t expect 80 percent of a healthy, vital population to sacrifice their freedom and careers so I can live a little longer.

Freedom for “safety” is not a good trade. We should get back to work, school, church, sports and recreation — like, yesterday,



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