Tuesday, May 5, 2020


America is reeling. We are in the midst of both a public-health and an economic emergency. But that hasn’t halted the greed of blue-state politicians.

Recently, Illinois Senate President Don Harmon requested a $41.6 billion federal bailout for the state’s pension woes. Illinois isn’t alone. New York and New Jersey, two other fiscally ravaged entities, are also lobbying the big boys on Capitol Hill for federal relief (aka taxpayer money).

It truly defies common sense to compel hardworking Americans from efficiently managed states to fund Illinois’ chronic fiscal failures and the political class’ self-serving behavior. Politicians are notorious for being tone-deaf. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even had the nerve to showcase her lavish ice cream supply on late-night television recently — while delaying Congress’ return to work.

However, in this case, politicians’ shameless greed and constant pandering is utterly appalling. And it culminates from both decades of craven budgetary measures and pure elitism.

Something needs to change in Illinois. At this point, it’s never been more urgent.



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