Sunday, May 24, 2020


Was the COVID-19 overreaction a prelude to a mandatory vaccine? Of course it was, as it will bring enormous profits to selected pharmaceutical companies (more than likely those companies in which Bill Gates has a significant shareholding interest). It doesn’t make sense to destroy economic activity all over the world to impose lengthy lockdowns when we are not dealing with a Black-Death-type scenario.

The vast majority of COVID-19 sufferers experience mild symptoms. Thousands of people die each year in Britain from respiratory illnesses. This is tragic, but it’s a fact of life. But the reason for the latest disproportionate reaction, which amounts to a “strangling of the economy and the imposition of house arrest,” in the words of journalist Peter Hitchens, is a massive power and wealth grab by a ridiculously small number of global players who, because of their position in society and their vast wealth investments, will be immune to the dire consequences of this emergency. In fact, they will greatly prosper.


Hillsborough, County Down

Northern Ireland

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