Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Sadly, the inevitable is about to unfold: Bill and Hillary’s quest for a third White House term, most likely as Joe Biden’s running mate or his replacement via a Clinton-brokered Democratic “convention.”

Either way, if “Sleepy Joe” is somehow ballot-harvested and vote-by-mail “elected,” crooked Hillary will become the 47th president of the United States shortly thereafter — and that has been the Clintons’ relentless plan since November of 2016.

Hillary has been running for any spot on the 2020 ticket every day since losing to Donald Trump, like a desperate dog chasing a tennis ball. What this also means is that most of the other Democratic candidates for president were Clinton decoys all along, ultimately put in place (like Donna Brazile at Fox News) to gather gullible voters, foolish donors and backroom deals benefiting Bill and Hillary.

While Clinton media partners and ghostwriters have helped spew Trump hatred, fake news and endless hoaxes, Hillary has brilliantly deflected and ignored Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch exposing on Twitter what her 33,000 deleted emails actually contained, compromised and committed criminally, potentially as tangible legal evidence.

Republican leaders, pundits, online influencers and the entire Trump reelection team have foolishly ignored the Clintons, potentially at their peril.

Since the miracle election of Mr. Trump and Mike Pence, both Clintons have masterminded and led deployments of Russia-collusion hoaxes, fake Blasey-Ford testimonies, Flynn-Stone-Manafort raids and jail time, and ultimately the entire impeachment sham — interestingly all via former Clinton employees, operatives and three-letter agency dinosaurs, including Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe and John Brennan.

Anyone who thinks the Clintons are gone is a fool. For those of us inside Washington who know their “deep state” truths know this: It’s not Obamagate, it’s Clintongate.


McLean, Va.

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