Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Someone needs to go on TV and expose the falsehoods in the recent on-air statements of Center for Global Development fellow Jeremy Konyndyk, who was interviewed on CNN. Mr Konyndyk was challenging the statement Sen. Mitch McConnell made about the lack of any pandemic plan provided by the Obama administration.

Mr. Konyndyk claimed there was a plan, and he cited a 69-page playbook he helped created during President Obama’s tenure. Well, I reviewed the 69 pages. They do not constitute a plan to deal with an infectious disease pandemic. The document is a random list of questions grouped into boxes on a chart that excludes any references to test kits, ventilators, masks or other protective gear. Pages 31-40 deal with what to do if a domestic infectious disease threat arises.

Page 31 has some standard assumptions that any 12th-grader might list. Pages 32-40 present a color-coded chart with three columns and about 100 questions. The colors indicate the level of the threat. Green means no threat. Yellow shows two levels, “elevated” and “credible.” Believe it or not, “elevated” means there is a domestic case and “credible” means there are multiple cases. It’s not exactly high-level stuff.

The red level is truly a work that only an imbecile would consider helpful.

This “plan” includes no case counts set as parameters for specific actions, no standards described as necessary reference points. There is no database suggested to enable the collection and location of various supplies and/or equipment. The questions asked are not assigned to specific agencies or departments.

Mr. Konyndyk has managed to fool a lot of people and get paid a lot of money for possessing the gift of gab. But he should go into hiding. He is an empty suit.


Lower Gwynedd, Pa.

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