Sunday, May 17, 2020


Should President Trump’s deportment be the overriding political issue of the coming election? Wouldn’t a comparison of what his opponent has done and plans to do for American citizens make for more valid and beneficial criteria?

President Reagan and Rep. Jack Kemp’s institutionalized supply-side initiative blossomed into a glorious environment for themselves, California, media, film and sports entertainers, and supply-side billionaires. However, their legacy destroyed most domestic manufacturing and created systemic economic disparity with chronic trillions in unsustainable debt while enriching and promoting dependence on our adversaries. How can Democratic support for this policy be construed as anything but anti-American? Aren’t they supposed to represent working Americans?

Why are our ancestors, who settled an undeveloped land and built a civilization, being compared to illegal immigrants moving to a post-industrial nation and signing up for welfare? What is there about the Democratic Party and the mainstream media’s continuing to repudiate and violate our nation’s long-standing immigration laws that offers any benefit to law-abiding American citizens?

Obamacare for a debtor nation is the cart before the horse. The first thing the Affordable Care Act did was to make my earned family retirement health-care premiums less affordable by an increase of $1,300 per year, which co-pays and premiums keep increasing. What happened to the availability of jobs and opportunities when most everyone was able and expected to earn their health care and educational benefits? Has anybody heard of the GI Bill?

Current Democratic philosophy is to create expensive pollution controls without corresponding tax credits or tariffs, so production gets sent overseas without pollution controls. How does this better serve our country, working Americans or the environment?

Sooner or later everything must bill.


Orchard Park, N.Y.

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