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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Massachusetts college apologized to Black Lives Matter for providing assistance to the cops — specifically, letting them use the toilet.

The Public Safety Department of the Berklee College of Music took to Facebook to make amends for letting the Boston Police use the restrooms at the Berklee Performance Center on Sunday night after protests at the State House.

The department posted a statement signed by, among others, university President Roger H. Brown insisting that “allowing police officers into the space was in no way meant to undermine Berklee’s support for Black Lives Matter.”

“We have heard from many of you personally and across social channels of your hurt and anger that this access was permitted … many members of our community feel betrayed,” the signatories wrote.

“We are deeply sorry for the impact this had on our community and for perpetuating feelings of oppression, silencing, and marginalization,” they wrote, adding that if the Boston Police need to use the toilet in the future, “we will make a more concerted effort to consider the effects of our actions.”

Those effects will include requiring Boston’s Finest to excrete and urinate somewhere else, the administrators assured their audience.

“Let us assure you, this should not have happened, and going forward, it will not happen again,” they wrote.

Some of the reaction on Facebook was incredulous.

“Wait a minute, let me get this right … you just apologized for letting Police Officers the common courtesy to use your bathrooms,” wrote Jimmy Holiday. “I cannot even fathom the amount of stupidity it took to issue this public apology. WOW, has the world lost its mind.”

Mr. Holiday punctuated that rhetorical question with six question marks, followed by four exclamation points and then five more question marks.

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