- The Washington Times
Thursday, July 9, 2020

New York City police officers are turning in their retirement papers with lightning speed in the wake of anti-police protests and defunding campaigns across the nation.

The New York Post spoke to NYPD officers lined up outside One Police Plaza this week as they arrived to begin the process — by appointment only due to the flood of filers.

“I think they are backed up ‘til late July, early August,” one officer told the newspaper. “That’s why you don’t see like 100 a day [outside the building], because they are only doing like 35 to 40 a day, by appointment.”

“There’s just droves and droves of people retiring. But there’s no surprise here, who the hell wants to stay on this job?” another officer said. “Why would you want to stay on this job when people don’t appreciate what you do?”

Other officers cited controversial bail reform laws as an added incentive to end their careers.

Grim stats provided by the NYPD include:

  • 179 officers filed for retirement between June 29 and Monday, which represents a 411% increase over the same period in 2019.
  • 503 officers filed for retirement between May 25 and July 3, which represents a 75% increase over the same period in 2019.

“While the decision to retire is a personal one and can be attributed to a range of factors, it is a troubling trend that we are closely monitoring,” an NYPD spokesman told the Post Wednesday evening. 

“[These officers] feel abandoned by the silent majority and they are leaving,” added Lieutenants Benevolent Association President Lou Turco. “They don’t feel appreciated.”

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