- The Washington Times
Wednesday, July 8, 2020

President Trump will discuss efforts to halt illegal migration with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador when they hold their first meeting at the White House on Wednesday.

While the two leaders also will confer on trade, a senior administration official said migration will be a major topic.

“Illegal migration is now down 85% … mostly from Central American countries,” a senior administration official said. “That would not be possible without the help of President Lopez Obrador with the Migrant Protection plan that we worked together on, and the 25,000 National Guardsmen men and women that he has put forward to the northern and southern borders to protect people from coming illegally.”

The official told reporters, “We’re now able to now build upon that and have long-term impact with private sector-led growth in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.”

Mr. Lopez Obrador arrived in Washington on Tuesday night, flying coach on a commercial airline. It’s his first trip outside Mexico since taking office in December 2018.

Mr. Trump also will host a dinner for the Mexican president with business leaders from Mexico and the U.S.

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