Thursday, July 23, 2020


So the D.C. political regime wants to investigate the president of the United States for allegedly not wearing a mask to a function held at a hotel (“Trump’s maskless appearance in his D.C. hotel sparks investigation,” Web, July 23). This, of course, is a canard.

The D.C. government failed to protect the property rights of business and residence owners during recent looting and defacement of national monuments. It has been neglectful with respect to the safety and well-being of District residents, as evidenced by its failure to prevent the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church from being torched.

The investigative resources expended on the harassment of the president could be better spent investigating the arson, mayhem and abridgment of rights of Washingtonians to a safe and sane community. That would be a creditable example for the civic government of our nation’s capital to set for the likes of Seattle, Portland, New York, Baltimore, Chicago and other communities governed by Democratic regimes.


San Francisco

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