Thursday, July 23, 2020


It’s been almost two months of anarchy and riots, destruction and mayhem — and the United States is the target of the largest show of destruction seen in a lifetime. The problem is in Democrat-run cities across this nation, which have no ability to control what is going on and no desire to put an end to it.

President Trump has had enough and so have most of us who care about America’s health and ability to sustain a democratic society. Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Chicago are centers of destruction and chaos. Their leaders lack either the will or the capacity to get things under control. These cities must be put under federal investigation and their official political leaders subjected to fines, penalties and incarceration. These politicians have shown their anti-American bent through both their ineptitude and their direct actions, which have the objective of destroying American society. Whether or not federal troops and agents are welcome, they must be deployed to put an end to the chaos.


North Las Vegas, Nev.

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