Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Federal police officers sent to protect federal property in large Democrat-controlled cities are not U.S. Army troops, as falsely claimed by Democrats, nor do they incite riots. President Trump is successfully rebuilding the economy and America from devastation by the Chinese Wuhan virus as Democratic Party-supported riots and destruction threaten America. Liberal lawmakers are destabilizing and willingly surrendering our country to rioting mobs, helping them destroy monuments, attack police officers, burn stores and set up occupied zones. In wrongheaded acts of appeasement, liberal state and city leaders refuse to take action against criminals who are destroying private property, harming helpless people and shooting innocents.

Leftist leaders refuse federal help and follow Marxist tactics for gaining control of a political system. The attacks are intended to eventually collapse the economy and abolish the U.S. Constitution and society, which Mr. Trump is successfully recovering.

Division propagated by identity and “cancel culture” politics causes violence and dissent among religious, minority and political groups. It can destroy the structural integrity of any state. The modern Democrats are creating racial, gender and religious conflict that could bring social and economic collapse to America.



U.S. Marine Corps (retired)

Arlington, Va.


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