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Wednesday, February 26, 2020


In a Rasmussen kind of world, in a Rasmussen kind of scenario, President Donald Trump would crush Sen. Bernie Sanders in a race for the White House if elections were held today.

Two thumbs up to the man in the MAGA hat.

It’s not that we didn’t really know that. It’s just that it’s nice to have the numbers, not just the educated guesses, that show that.

As Rasmussen Reports worded it, in a new poll and press release: “President Trump would KO Democrat front-runner Bernie Sanders if the 2020 presidential election were held today.”

Of course, the numbers are rather meaningless.

The elections aren’t being held today.

Sanders is not the pick for Democrat president — yet.

A lot can happen in between now and the Democratic Party’s summertime primary — and then, even more between the primary and November.

But even Democrats don’t think Sanders stands a chance in you-know-what to beat Trump.

And Rasmussen confirms.

Fully 50% of likely U.S. voters said they’d pick Trump; only 43% chose Sanders. Another 7% said they were undecided.

Men, in particular, favor Trump. His weak spot, it seems, is women and blacks.

Trump has a double-digit lead over Sanders among men,” Rasmussen reported, “but the two are tied among women voters. The president leads among voters in all age groups. Sanders picks up 60% of blacks. Trump leads among whites 54% to 39% and edges Sanders 48% to 44% among other minority voters.”

Sanders gets the socialism lovers — 74% of those who express a “very favorable” view of socialism go with, well, no duh, no surprise, the open socialist.

Still, here’s a significant hammer for the Trump campaign — and straggling, struggling Democrats on the campaign trail, for that matter — to seize ahold of and hit at hard: “Support has fallen for Medicare for all, Sanders‘ centerpiece issue.”

That’s because he can’t say with assurance how he will pay for it.

That’s because the more socialism hits the spotlight, the curiously darker an economic and political system it seems.

Socialism cannot sustain the light of transparency.

Election Day may be a long time coming, but it’s good news for America that “Trump thumps Sanders,” as Rasmussen put it. At least today, he does. That’s something. That means there’s plenty of hope for tomorrow, too.

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