Sunday, August 2, 2020


Sen. Kamala Harris thinks we need stronger leadership (“Trump on Kamala Harris: She’d be a ‘fine choice’ for Biden VP,” Web, July 29).

And here I thought President Trump was thought to be “too strong” because he takes offense to rioting, looting and killing.

Ms. Harris, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will make you think you’re in a communist gulag if they have their way.

Had the pharmaceutically-influenced press not spread false information on hydroxychloroquine and questioned its use, this “stuff” could have by now saved thousands of lives. The Lancet Journal finally retracted its negative review of hydroxychloroquine because it was used too late. But as of now, the Democrats are only interested in generating high body counts for effect, and care little about our citizens.


Towanda, Pa.

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