Wednesday, September 11, 2019


While I am never surprised at how the mainstream media misrepresents and often blatantly lies to make the president and the GOP look bad, I am indeed surprised that The Washington Times appeared to follow that script when reporting on Republican Dan Bishop’s big win in the North Carolina 9th District special election this week (“Republican Dan Bishop wins North Carolina special election,” Web, Sept. 10).

Every report I’ve read about Mr. Bishop’s win mentions the “fact” that President Trump won the 9th District by 12 percentage points in 2016, while Mr. Bishop won this year by only 2 percentage points, and this should give the president cause for concern regarding 2020. This reminds me of Joe Biden’s recent comment: “We believe in facts, not truth.” It is the truth that Mr. Trump won by 12 percentage points, and Mr. Bishop only by 2, but left out here is the quite important fact that court-ordered redistricting occurred between the 2016 election and this week’s special election. This required North Carolina to alter its districts so they were no longer structured to favor the GOP.

So the North Carolina 9th District that Mr. Trump won four years ago is not the same one Mr. Bishop won just days ago. In fact, the district now includes many more Democrats than it did in 2016. That’s the fact the media’s “truth” has simply ignored, constituting, in my opinion, journalistic malpractice.


Burke, Va.

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