- The Washington Times
Friday, November 8, 2019

President Trump has appointed a historic number of federal circuit court judges in his first three years in an attempt to remake the federal bench with a conservative bent, and as of this week, he’s responsible for one in four federal appeals court judges.

The president and Senate Republicans have confirmed 45 circuit court nominees out of 179 authorized federal appeals court judgeships, leading to Trump-appointees making up 25 percent of the judgeships at that level.

“This president and this Senate have prioritized confirming impressive men and women to these lifetime appointments. Talented individuals who believe in the quaint notion that the job of a judge is to apply our nation’s laws and Constitution as they are actually written, not as they might wish they were written,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, touting what Republicans have made a major priority during this administration.

According to the Article III Project, which backs the president’s judicial nominees, President Barack Obama only confirmed 55 circuit court judges during eight years in office compared to Mr. Trump’s 45 in just three years.

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