Monday, December 2, 2019


The tactics of the LGBTQ lobby to undermine the rule of law and trample the rights of other Americans by playing the victim at every turn must not be allowed to succeed. The latest heinous example is the attempt of certain Department of Justice LGBTQ employees to confuse the public with regard to Attorney General William Barr and influence the Supreme Court with regard to the cases involving gay and transgender plaintiffs now before the court (“Justice Department’s LGBTQ workers say administration’s stance on protections harming morale,” Web, Nov. 28).

There has been absolutely no showing that any DOJ LGBTQ employees have been discriminated against or suffered negative treatment. Yet DOJ Pride claims that the Trump dministration’s position “has a clear and negative impact on employee morale.” They further claim that the LGBTQ employees believe Mr. Barr, in the words of The Times piece, “doesn’t have their back.” However, the group says the concerns will be assuaged if Mr. Barr becomes an advocate for them and a lobbyist for legislative protection of LBGTQ employees.

Mr. Barr took an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. In that capacity, he is required to “have the backs” of all Americans. No group, including the LGBTQ, is entitled to receive special coddling, assurances or dispensations from the attorney general because of self-imposed anxiety, insecurities and/or concerns.

The same holds true with regard to their encounters, interactions and relationships with any other public official, private entity or fellow citizens.


Silver Spring, Md.

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