- The Washington Times
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The basic salaries of many college and university presidents top $1 million a year according to a study conducted by the Chronicle for Higher Education which separately gauged the salary, bonuses and “other compensation” of the chief executives at 600 private colleges and 250 public universities during an eight-year period.

In one case, the total pay package with combined benefits for a single campus president was $4.9 million.

Many of these academic elites make more than a certain well-known political figure.

“Dozens of public university presidents make more money in a single year than does the president of the United States,” wrote Campus Reform analyst Ethan Cai.

“The report gathered salary data from more than 1,400 university chief executives from both private and public institutions, and ultimately determined that 179 public university presidents make as much or more each year than the leader of the free world, who makes $400,000 annually, although President Trump has not taken a salary during his tenure,” Mr. Cai said.

“Of these 179 public university presidents, 40 of them make more than double the amount the commander-in-chief earns in a single calendar year. Seventeen public university presidents make more than $1 million annually,” he wrote.

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