- The Washington Times
Thursday, August 1, 2019

A trio of well-focused new surveys from Heritage Action for America identifies issues that the organization says is pivotal to “victory in 2020.” The research — which surveyed 4,500 likely voters in key congressional districts and around the nation — also had a surprising result. It found that these voters clearly agreed with many conservative beliefs.

Among the many findings, the polls revealed that 76% of all voters say the life of a baby who survives an abortion must be protected with medical care; 73% reject political correctness; and 70% do not approve of single-payer health care.

Another 65% oppose socialism and 63% says the U.S. border crisis is “an emergency.” In addition, 57% say that Democrats are becoming “increasingly extremist,” while half no longer support the Democratic Party because it has become too liberal in its support of radical ideas.

“Our goal was simple: To find out what issues currently motivate the coalition that elected Donald Trump and Republican congressional majorities in 2016, so that we can keep that coalition together and expand it while simultaneously advancing the conservative ideas we hold dear,” Tim Chapman, executive director of the organization, wrote in a rationale for Politico Magazine.

“We found that the GOP isn’t connecting the dots between its own innate conservative principles and voters’ preferences — which, our polling reveals, are more similar than many realize,” he said.

Heritage Action for America is a grassroots outreach organization promoting conservative ideas and policy, founded by The Heritage Foundation in 2010.

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