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Friday, September 14, 2018


David Hogg, the teenage Parkland-shooting-sufferer-turned-political activist, took to Twitter to call out U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley as an audacious failure who ought to resign her post pronto. “Immediately,” is how Hogg put it. As in do not pass go, do not collect $200.

If only Hogg’s reasoning were sound, maybe he wouldn’t be such a headache.

No — take that back. Hogg’s a headache, no matter how you slice it. But if only his call for Haley to resign were based on something other than his emotionally driven hatred for all things conservative, maybe he wouldn’t be a migraine of a headache.

His tweet: “Dear Nikki Haley, There are starving children in American everyday and you have the audacity to misappropriate thousands of tax dollars for your own lavish lifestyle. Resign immediately. sincerely, America.”


Is Hogg really going to try to speak for the entire nation?

Anyhow, his own bit of audacity (because that’s what his tweet on behalf of America to the U.S. ambassador of the United States was — audacious) falls a bit short of fact. It was based on reports of Haley’s residence at the United Nations hanging curtains valued at $52,701 — reports that led Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu to tweet, “this is not okay” and to call for “an oversight hearing on @StateDept spending on @nikkihaley and her deputy.”

Turns out: Haley didn’t buy those costly curtains.

Barack Obama’s State Department did. A spokesperson for Haley pointed to the purchase being made back in 2016 — but apparently, Hogg didn’t get the memo.


And as Kyle Kashuv, another student from Parkland, put it beneath Hogg’s own tweet of the matter: “Holy cow. You’re dumber than I thought. You didn’t even bother to read the article.”

But don’t expect an apology from Hogg any time soon. His sort — his hyper-partisan, hyper-leftist, hyper-hate-filled — never do.

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