Sunday, March 25, 2018


The Democrats are proud of their small string of triumphs in off-season congressional races, but there’s growing evidence that the Democratic leadership may not need to elect more Democrats. The Republicans will enact their agenda for them.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, the leader of the Democratic “minority” in the House, is positively giddy in the wake of the adoption of the Republican spending bill, which breaks all restraints and is more irresponsible than anything Mrs. Pelosi and her troops could have concocted.

She couldn’t resist hanging Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House and the leader of the compliant Republican majority, out on the House clothesline for everyone to see what a housebroken speaker’s laundry looks like. “The distinguished leader has clearly put forth many of the [Democratic] priorities that we’re very proud of in a bill that’s one yard high.

“It’s one yard high,” she said of the 2,232-page document that made up the legislation passed by the House, 256 votes to 167 votes, with 90 Republicans, awash in chagrin and humiliation, voting against it. “I think one of the reasons they rushed it through is they didn’t want their Republican colleagues to see exactly what was in it.” This was a particularly accurate and devastating remark from the woman who famously told her colleagues that they should vote for Barack Obama’s health-care debacle because that was the way to find out what was in it.

Speaker Ryan certainly didn’t want his Republican colleagues to find out what was in the spending bill before they voted for it. Not all sense of shame is dead on the Hill. If a member of the House had started reading the bill when it was posted at 7:57 Wednesday night and kept reading for 16 hours and 40 minutes without a break — with neither snack nor answer to a call of nature — he or she would have read at a clip of 2:32 minutes per page to finish before the roll call was taken. That’s expecting a lot from congressional literacy.

The Republican spending bill certainly has a lot of things the Democrats can be proud of — a half-billion dollars to support Planned Parenthood’s thriving business in retailing the body parts of babies aborted in Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills, millions for research into why the elderly fall and to study why people drink, and many millions to raise the salaries of their staffs that make life soft and comfortable for members of Congress.

President Trump, trying to avoid the stink as he puts his pen to the spending bill he bravely threatened to veto, vows “never again,” a vow best understood to mean, “never again until next time.”

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