Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Madame Rajavi, ladies and gentlemen, it is a huge privilege for the British delegation to take part in this rally to free Iran. We Brits want the Iranian people to enjoy the same freedoms that we do. We stand united with each and every one of you in your battle. And I’m sure that our message of a free and democratic Iran will echo all the way to Tehran and other cities and towns across Iran, shaking theocracy to its core.

So this year, I have the honor to be here with an even larger delegation from Britain than last year. We represent not only the UK Parliament in a cross-party fashion, but also Scotland, the Law Society of England and Wales, the unions, academia in the UK and Scotland, as well as religious leaders. You know many of us on this stage, as we have been supporting the NCRI and promoting democracy and human rights in Iran for many years. Our delegation this year consists of over 50 prominent people.

Madame Rajavi, dear friends, we are here to say we stand with you and the Iranian people as you strive for a better future. And we will continue to support you until Iran is free.

Sir David Amess is a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom.

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