Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Since last December 28th, we are witnessing how Maryam Rajavi has been delivering what she promised. Here in this same forum some years ago, she announced a thousand Ashrafs to topple the corrupt theocratic dictatorship in Iran. And that is happening right now. Maryam Rajavi’s determination has brought this thousand Ashrafs to life inside Iran. But it is the courage, the sacrifice paid with blood, and the love of those who are fighting in the streets in all the provinces, in all the capitals, and also in Tehran, that will bring this uprising to victory.

To the thousands and thousands of women leading the protests — mothers, daughters, wives, sisters of the martyrs of the 1988 massacre — to the young people of Iran throwing stones, burning the dictators’ portraits, attacking the stronghold of the corrupt regime of the mullahs, to the 80 million Iranians held hostage by the Iranian tyrants, we are with you in every step. We are with you inch by inch in the path to democracy. We are with you in every heartbeat, in every cry, in every tear, in every wound, with you until you are finally free.

Ingrid Betancourt is a former Senator in the Republic of Colombia.

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