Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hello, it is my pleasure to send my warm regards to advocates and friends to a free Iran. This year, the world has watched men and women bravely stand up for their rights in peaceful protests across the country. Their courage and determination inspires all to recommit to our shared mission, to build a democratic, free and non-nuclear Iran. America stands in solidarity with every Iranian man and woman and child as they fight for the right to speak freely without fear of persecution.

House Minority Leader Pelosi represents the 12th Congressional District of California and has served in Congress since 1987.

Rep. Brad Sherman, California Democrat

We stand with solidarity with the brave Iranians fighting for this new chapter. Your fight is our fight I want to commend Madam Rajavi for continuing her advocacy for democracy, women’s rights and minority rights in Iran. Democracy and equality are not just principles we hold here, they are rights that belong to all people — and we hold these ideals by showing our support for the brave protesters in Tehran and Mashhad and across Iran.

Rep. Sherman is Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific.

Rep. Raul Ruiz, California Democrat

I am heartened by the ongoing protest in Iran calling for a free, secular, nuclear-free Iranian democracy and an end to the dictatorship of the current regime. I thank the organization of Iranian American communities for the work to achieve this vision for a free Iran. Together, we can make this a reality.

Rep. Ruiz serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, California Republican

Together we send this message to the people of Iran. As you take to the streets to protest the brutality and corruption of the mullah dictatorship, we are on your side. Freedom will prevail in Iran. The people struggling there have the support of people throughout the world… You are also making sure that institutions and plans are made and available so that when the mullah regime collapses, there will be an Alternative, where people with democratic ideals and a concept of freedom will be able to put these things in place to replace the mullah dictatorship.

Rep. Rohrabacher is Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats.

Rep. Ted Poe, Texas Republican

For many years, MEK has been in the forefront of calling out this despicable regime. Madam Rajavi, you are a hero to many, including my daughters and my granddaughters, and I have always been proud to stand with you. The cause of freedom in Iran is just and righteous.

Rep. Poe is Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade.

Rep. Tom McClintock, California Republican

I strongly support the Iranian people’s resistance and I stand behind President Trump’s strong word of backing and encouragement The Iranian people need more than our good wishes — and the time has come to act and the time has come to stand tall with the freedom movement of Iran.

Rep. McClintock is Chairman of the House Natural Resources subcommittee on Federal Lands.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk, Georgia Republican

I have long been an advocate for a free, democratic, non-nuclear Iran and hope that we will soon see great progress in accomplishing these goals..You, the Iranian people, are the ones who will bring real change in your country, and we stand with you and support your non-violent protests for freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk serves on the House Committees on Financial Services; Administration; and Science, Space and Technology.

Rep. Doug LaMalfa, California Republican

I am coming to you today to talk to you about supporting a free Iran, one with a democratic-elected government process, one that respects men and women, one that will not seek to proliferate in the nuclear race, one that will, indeed, give Iran back the individual responsibilities and liberties it used to have before, one that was so prosperous What NCRI is doing I support, and that will help turn the tide and bring about a form of government that is fair to the people and one that is tailored to fit what the people of Iran need.

Rep. LaMalfa is Chairman of the House Natural Resources subcommittee on Indian and Insular Affairs.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Democrat

I want to express my commitment and my support of a secular, democratic, non-nuclear Republic of Iran as addressed; and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan. I believe that democratic change within Iran is within our reach. I believe under the leadership of Madam Maryam Rajavi, our friend, the leader of this great cause, who’s been working to bring about a tolerant, non-nuclear Iranian republic based on the separation of religion and state and respect for human and dignity of all Iranians… I believe that freedom is coming.

Rep. Jackson Lee is the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.

Rep. Paul Gosar, Arizona Republican

As a U.S. Representative, I want to express heart-filled gratitude for your efforts to seek regime change in Iran America supports you…

Rep. Gosar is Chairman of the House Natural Resources subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources.

Rep. Eliot Engel, New York Democrat

I stand with those in Iran who seek a more prosperous and peaceful future. The United States stands with you. I look forward to a day when the people of Iran have the greatest say in their own government, their laws and their future. And I look forward to one day walking in a free Iran.

Rep. Engel is the Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Rep. Danny K. Davis, Illinois Democrat

I bring greetings to you to Maryam Rajavi and the people’s movement for a free and democratic Iran… Fortunately, I was able to be with you in 2016, and I can tell you that the people of the 7th District of Illinois were also with you then and they are with you now. I leave you with the words of Frederick Douglass when he said if there is no struggle, there is no progress.

Rep. Davis is the Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means subcommittee on Human Resources.

Rep. Steve Cohen, Tennessee Democrat

I strongly support a free Iran that is democratic, secular and non-nuclear. The Iranian people deserve a government that respects their fundamental rights and freedom, including freedom of speech and assembly, gender and religious equality Your courage is an inspiration to me and all members of Congress, and I will stand with you and hopefully visit a free Iran.

Rep. Cohen is the Ranking Member on the House Judiciary subcommittee on The Constitution and Civil Justice.

Rep. Mike Coffman, Colorado Republican

The rallies you sponsor and host, like Free Iran Paris 2018, are a vital show of free speech of the despotic Iranian regime. I encourage you to continue to stand up for free speech, democracy and true political change in Iran I look forward to working with you and supporting your efforts.

Rep. Coffman is Chairman of the House Armed Services subcommittee on Military Personnel.

Rep. Judy Chu, California Democrat

From here in Washington, D.C., to all of you in Paris, I want you to know that I stand in solidarity with you in your fight for freedom, democracy and human rights in Iran… I am especially moved by the courage of Iranian women who are taking to the streets, even though it means putting themselves at risk. But they are not alone. The images of their struggle are being shared across the world, and people of conscience everywhere are standing with the people of Iran…

Rep. Chu serves on the House Committees on Ways and Means and Small Business.

Rep. Ken Buck, Colorado Republican

In 2017 and into 2018, thousands of Iranians stood up against the oppressive regime that uses brute force to silence dissident voices and remains one the world’s leading financiers of terrorism. I thank you for having the courage to stand up to the Iranian regime, to call for freedom

Rep. Buck serves on the House Committees on Judiciary and Rules.

Rep. Bruce Babin, Texas Republican

We must hold tyrannical mullahs accountable for the immeasurable atrocities that they have committed. We must continue the fight for a free Iran together. Madam Rajavi’s proposed plan for the future calls for the abolition of Sharia law and freedom of speech and religion, equality and a non-nuclear Iran. This is the Iran we all dream of

Rep. Babin is Chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology subcommittee on Space.

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