Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Immigration is a major reason why President Trump won the election. But it seems members of Congress still don’t get it. The latest attempt, the Tillis/Lankford bill, does nothing to stop illegal immigration. If anything, it only encourages it and will likely increase chain migration as well.

America has enough problems; recent events such as hurricanes, mass shootings and the opioid crisis demand attention. Illegal immigration is a thorn in the side of those issues, exacerbating each one of them.

There are millions of Americans out of work, there are terrorists roaming throughout America, and we are staring down the barrel of a continuing battle over health care. Once again, illegal immigration adds a fly to the ointment.

Granting amnesty to Dreamers rewards lawbreakers and only entices more aliens to enter the country illegally. This crisis could have been solved decades ago. But it’s too useful. One political party favors it because of potential votes and the ability to use the issue to race bait. The other likes it because it means cheap labor. Yet it is the average American who suffers.


Howard Beach, N.Y.

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