- The Washington Times
Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday that both political parties are falling apart at the seams as Republicans and Democrats focus more on scoring political points than on helping Americans in need.

The former GOP presidential candidate said the debate over health care reform has become so politicized that both sides have forgotten that their true goal should be taking care of citizens as best they can while also containing costs and adopting a more market-driven approach.

Mr. Kasich said any lawmaker, regardless of party, who focuses on politics during the health care debate is a “big-time loser.”

“Look, I believe the political parties are disintegrating before our very eyes. I think more and more people across this country see no purpose for political parties,” the governor told NBC’s “Meet the Press,” adding that Democrats must come to the table and help craft health care legislation.

“Democrats — you can’t turn your back on these people. And the Republicans, you need to invite Democrats in because we’re talking about lives,” he said. “All this consumption about who gains politically — life is short. If all you focus on is what’s in it for me, you’re a loser. You’re a big-time loser. And this country better be careful we’re not losing the soul of our country because we play politics and we forget people who are in need.”

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