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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Hawaii just won’t let it go — and neither, now, will 14 other Democratic-leaning states keeping up the heat against President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Iowa makes 15. The summer of resistance is in full swing.

It was one thing to file a court case to challenge Trump on his travel ban. But now that the Supreme Court has weighed in, it’s time to put down the pen and quit writing the letters of resistance.

The fact that Hawaii and 15 states (14 from the left, plus Iowa and Washington, D.C.) are continuing their legal battle just shows how dug in the left has become on the issue of open borders.

Can the left truly need voters that badly they can’t even abide by a 90-day halt on immigration from six nations tied to terror — a halt that’s not even all-inclusive but rather allows for family exemptions?

The U.S. Supreme Court in late June agreed to take up the Trump travel ban in an upcoming session. But between now and October, when the court will hear the case, the justices also struck down all the lower courts’ rulings to boot the ban and allowed the White House to bar foreign nationals from the the six countries.

You’d think the matter would’ve been dropped until October, right?

Not so. Hawaii filed another legal challenge, arguing now the “federal government’s restrictive definition of close familial relationships will result in the improper exclusion of numerous foreign nationals who have the requisite bona fide connection to a person in the United States, despite the Supreme Court’s unequivocal holding that this Court’s protections for such persons remain in full force. Accordingly, this Court should enter an order finding that such a restricted definition is impermissible.”

In other words: Toss out the whole ban in order to prevent the mistaken barring of even one.

That’s not just ridiculous. It’s dangerous. The left is playing Russian Roulette with America’s borders. And it’s the citizens, not the government officials neatly tucked in their gated communities and protected by security details, who are most at risk.

The other states that joined Hawaii read like a who’s-who of Democratic governments: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington — and Iowa, that last which voted for Trump in 2016. And oh yes, the District of Columbia. Of course.

But it’s a dangerous game the Democrats are playing with America’s borders. Letting in those who’ve not been properly vetted is simply a disaster waiting to happen — a terror attack, a devastating criminal act, a horrific incident of violence. The fact the left must know this but doesn’t care is really eye-opening. It sends the message that the citizens are second — the politicians and their new voting friends, the migrants and refugees and foreign nationals, first.

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