Tuesday, September 29, 2015

(1)The pope missed an opportunity to stand up for life, by Linda Chavez (New York Post)

For being dead, the Moral Majority (and Evangelical political involvement) sure gets a lot of print analysis these days:

(2)What Happens When the ‘Moral Majority’ Becomes a Minority?: Conservative Christian communities are split between doubling down on their advocacy, or walling themselves off from mainstream culture, by Laura Turner (The Atlantic)

(3)Donald Trump & the Rise of the Moral Minority, by Molly Worthen (New York Times

(4)Evangelicals aim to strengthen their political influence (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

(5) SBC President Ronnie Floyd penned this FOX article: “Talking about the unborn: The key to capturing the heart of Evangelicals in 2016

***What he says is true. And, it could be paraphrased as, “So don’t blame us for voting almost entirely for the GOP, because we’re one-issue voters.” The ball is in your court Democrats. 

(bonus)Are You Really Middle Class?: The standard of living taken for granted in the 1960s is now affordable to very few, by Charles Hugh Smith (The American Conservative)

***When it comes to economic articles, a writer better put the cookies on the bottom shelf for me. Smith does just that in this article.

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