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Thursday, November 19, 2015

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says his city will not be intimidated by a chilling new video released by the Islamic State terrorists group showing images of Times Square.

The video, released Wednesday, shows Manhattan streetscapes that include Times Square and Herald Square spliced between disturbing clips of suicide bombers preparing for attacks.

The authenticity of the video has not yet been verified, and New York officials have said there are no specific threats against the city.

The video comes just a week before NYC will be flooded with millions of visitors attending major holiday events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center.

“Stoking fear is the goal of terrorist organizations, but New York City will not be intimidated,” Mr. de Blasio said during a news conference Wednesday Night, The Associated Press reported. “New Yorkers won’t live in fear, and people should continue to go to work, live their lives and enjoy the greatest city in the world.”

A New York City Police Department spokesman said some of the footage in the video is old, and there is no current or specific threat, but added that police would remain on high alert.

“While some of the video footage is not new, the video reaffirms the message that New York City remains a top terrorist target,” said NYPD spokesman J. Peter Donald. “While there is no current or specific threat to the City at this time, we will remain at a heightened state of vigilance and will continue to work with the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the entire intelligence community to keep the City of New York safe.”

Police Commissioner William Bratton said the video appears to be a “hastily produced” one using old film footage.

“Be aware, but do not be afraid. The NYPD will protect you,” Mr. Bratton said, AP reported. “We cannot be intimidated, and that’s what terrorists seek to do. They seek to create fear. They seek to intimidate. We will not be intimidated, and we will not live in fear.”

Following a string of terrorist attacks in Paris on Nov. 13 that left 129 dead and 352 wounded, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed state agencies to “enhance their preparedness.”

“Remember that the terrorists’ goal is to let fear win — New Yorkers never have, and we never will,” he said.

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