Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Many politicians, including Donald Trump, have been warning that the exodus of migrants from Syria looked very much like an army as not many women, children or old men were present. The images of large numbers of young males marching up from Africa into Greece and other periphery countries gave the impression that terrorists were using the refugee migration to infiltrate fighters into Europe and the United States to later strike at a time of their choosing. After the Paris attacks, this assumption seems to have been correct.

French President Hollande said “Friday’s act of war was decided upon and planned in Syria, prepared and organised in Belgium and carried out on our territory with the complicity of French citizens.” Reuters added investigators have identified a Belgian national living in Syria as the possible mastermind behind the attacks, which targeted bars, restaurants, a concert hall and soccer stadium.

Earlier, the BBC reported French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the attacks on the French capital were planned and organized in Syria. The Prime Minister went on to say that authorities know additional attacks are being planned against France and other European countries. Mr. Valls said that France is dealing with a ‘terrorist army’ and not one single terrorist group.

Western nations have so far been unable to clearly define the threat represented by uncontrolled immigration. Today, even after the Paris attacks, many Western leaders, including President Obama, are still refusing to understand, or admit, that open borders are mortally harming our citizens. This willful denial can no longer be accepted. One hundred and thirty-two (at last count) dead Parisians can attest to that fact.

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