Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I’m very proud to be with you for this remarkable and inspiring display of Iranian unity against the terror and violence and extremism of the regime in Tehran and the people who are under attack in Camp Liberty.

The American people have always stood up for those fighting for freedom and human dignity around the world, and that’s why the American people stand with you at this time. Your cause is our cause, and your fight is our fight.

Today we live in a world in crisis. Across the Middle East, Iran is setting fire to sectarian tensions in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and beyond, killing thousands and driving millions from their homes.

The Iranian regime, the true epicenter of radical Islamic extremism in the world, continues to fund terror and incite chaos in its campaign for domination in the vacuum of the American withdrawal.

ISIS is growing in strength, spreading radical Islam’s ideology of hate across the region. It’s up to the forces of freedom to stop them. We must lead from the front, not from behind. We must see the evil for what it is and marshal our resources and the resolve needed to defeat it. And most of all, we must stand strong with our friends. Today our friends and comrades at Camp Liberty are under attack despite the promises of protection in return for laying down their arms. We know those at Camp Liberty are in danger, and the Obama administration is taking far too long to relocate them to safety.

I can assure you of one thing: I will do everything in my power as the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee to pass legislation to uphold our pledge to the people of Camp Liberty. We must expedite their resettlement to more secure locations and ensure their safety while they are still in Iraq.

My friends, the world has never been in more turmoil than it is today. This is a great challenge of our time. Together, we must unite to fight the spread of radical Islamic extremism and the unspeakable violence and oppression it brings. And we must prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and free the Iranian people from its brutal regime. The American people will stand with you in this fight. I thank you for your courage and commitment to this vital cause.

• Mr. McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, is the senior U.S. senator from Arizona and the 2008 Republican presidential nominee. These remarks were adapted from a videotaped message he delivered to the June 13 gathering in Paris.

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