Wednesday, December 30, 2015

To learn about how to communicate with God, we have the Bible and God’s Holy Spirit to call upon. To talk to God, we have to talk in the language of God, which is the Holy Spirit.

With prayer we are talking in His language. From the Bible we gain His wisdom. First John 2:20 tells us, “You have unction (divine wisdom) from the Holy One and know all things.” In John 17:5, Jesus says, “And now Father, glorify me with yourself with the glory which I had with you before the world was.”

Prayer brings us back to God. It is also the way we acknowledge that we are not God, but a conduit to God. Prayer is calling on a responsive Holy Spirit for help and blessings. God loves it when those He has created gather together to pray to Him.

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Through prayer we gain understanding of these spiritual truths:

That God exists and loves us. That God has a plan for each of us. It is prayer to God that leads us back to Him when sin has separated us from Him. Through prayer, we can talk to God, receive miracles, answers, blessings and forgiveness (Jesus Christ is a symbol of God’s forgiveness). Constant prayer keeps us close to God and elevates our spiritual level. At the highest of these spiritual levels are God, miracles, and angels.

God’s Holy Spirit

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When Jesus died, His Holy Spirit came to those who believed in Him. In the beginning, before all time, God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit were present in perfection and joyfully alone in the Trinity (Ephesians 1:4-5; 2 Timothy; John 17:24). Before the universe was created, we know that Jesus was with God in all the glory given Him “before the world was.” (John 1:1 and John 17:5).

On earth God’s Holy Spirit is a blessing; a gift that can be tapped into. We can pray, “God, through your Holy Spirit, help me and guide me!” That is the power of prayer; it is a direct line to God through His Holy Spirit. When man talks about God, praises God, and prays and sings to God, miraculous and wonderful things happen. God has always been there to guide and comfort us as we walk through life.

Prayer Can Heal

Can prayer heal? The answer is “yes!” Prayer and faith can heal and create miracles. Prayer can change a situation. Prayer with faith can move a mountain. “Faith the size of a mustard seed is sufficient,” Jesus said. The answer for soldiers, police officers, servants of man or troubled youth is prayer. Prayer and faith can save that officer, that soldier, that child in this imperfect world. Prayer can save a life.

Physical and Spiritual Laws

Why God created this world for us is beyond our comprehension. Physics or physical law, as well as time and the universe, are gifts God gives us to help us understand and define our planet Earth. We live in a physical body, but it contains God’s Spirit through Christ. God creates life. Only He can create it. Thus, we pray for guidance and understanding.

How Should We Pray?

In order to talk to God, we must ask that He be present with us. Our attempts to communicate with God must be with humility and submission while asking for God’s guidance and help.

When his disciples asked, “Father, Teacher, how shall we pray?” Jesus replied, “Our Father, Who art in heaven” (by calling His name) “Hallowed be Thy name,” (tell God how great He is, praise Him) “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,” (a call for help and guidance) “on earth as it is in Heaven” (this is a call to make earth like it is in heaven).

When we pray, God loves us and takes us back, over and over. Jeremiah 24:7 “I will give them a heart to know Me, for I am the LORD; and they will be My people, and I will be their God, for they will return to Me with their whole heart.”

Enjoy and praise Him and His creations around you. Thank Him.

Miracles from Prayer

A book I read recently by Suzie Federer, Miracles in American History, talks about George Washington, who constantly prayed and ordered his troops and citizens to pray and fast. Washington prayed often, as our military should. When we pray, we receive miracles and guidance.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin writes in “Black Hawk Down” that God loves a soldier. He loves and provides miracles for them. Mr. Boykin can certainly tell you about prayers and miracles. His helicopter received 46 bullets! In Mogadishu, he was shot with a .50 caliber bullet and survived.

As a pilot in Vietnam and in the bush, I remember a few times when I asked my instructor to take over and a few times when I asked God to take over. God gives us free choice, so when we pray, we give Him permission to take the controls. “Lord,” we might say, “Take over, I cannot do it anymore.” God then steps in. Extraordinary events begin here.

I can tell you. I have been there.

Dr. William Ames Curtright, DBA, founded “Gathering of the Eagles,” which annually hosts the West Coast’s largest assembly (over 50 groups) of Tea Party, Conservative Republican and liberty-minded people (www.gatheringoftheeagles.com). He is also CEO of Ames Research Labs and an accomplished bush pilot. A Vietnam veteran and three-time candidate for Oregon governor, he is a descendant of the Ames family of Massachusetts. Many of his family helped start our nation. Dr. Ames helped establish and fund the Ames Shovel Archives and Museum at Stonehill College.

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