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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The company behind Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense shield has come out with a digital counterpart to protect the country against cyberattacks.

Israel Electric Company (IEC) along with developers from mPrest Systems have created the “Information Grid” to protect critical infrastructure from tech-savvy enemies around the globe.

IEC’s grid constantly checks electricity flowing throughout specific sections of Israel’s power grid and then acts to stop any suspicious activity from spreading, The Times of Israel reported Tuesday.

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“We’ve seen numerous cases of attacks on industrial infrastructure — Stuxnet was far from the only one,” Eugene Kaspersky of the security firm Kaspersky Lab said recently, the paper reported. “There is an international army consisting of tens of thousands of engineers out there developing [supervisory control and data acquisition] malware. One day, a terrorist organization is going to get the bright idea to acquire one of these tools and deploy it to make their ideological point. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s just a matter of time until it does,” he added.

The grid deployed by Israel also has the ability to look at incoming data and create “what if” scenarios to better prepare for future attacks, The Times of Israel reported.

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