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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In San Francisco, storing that weed trimmer and old sports equipment in apartment or hotel garages can get you fined up to $500. In fact, it’s illegal to store anything besides an automobile.

Chapter 6 of the San Francisco Housing Code reads: “Private and public storage garages in apartment houses and hotels shall be used only for storage of automobiles,” the Institute for Justice reported.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous, especially in San Francisco, where storage space is at a premium — you expect to be able to do with your garage whatever you need to do with it,” resident Kimberly Conley told the San Francisco Gate. “If you’re not going to use your garage for a car, it should be your space to do as you please.” 

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Supervisor Mark Farrel told The Gate he hopes to introduce a measure that would garner enough support this year to end the garage code. He also plans to dig through www.sanfranciscocode.org to find other onerous rules and regulations that need to be revised.

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