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Thursday, January 30, 2014

First it was Steve Buscemi’s character in the film “Fargo”; now it’s Frank Arce of Longview, Wash. Only, the latter man lived to tell the tale of being put in the wood-chipper.

“Actually going through the machine itself wasn’t the worst part about it,” said Mr. Arce to a local TV station from his hospital bed. “What was the worst part (was) the not knowing what was going to happen.”

After crawling inside an inert wood chipper to dislodge an obstruction, a fellow employee of the Swanson Bark and Wood Products Company — not realizing Mr. Arce was inside — turned the machine on.

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For ten seconds the Mr. Arce was shredded by the device, suffering “a broken pelvis, seven broken ribs, a shattered ankle, bruised liver, broken leg, a collapsed lung and a deep cut that runs the entire length of the back of his body,” the local station reported.

Even with all the injuries, Mr. Arce remains positive; he believes something supernatural may have saved his life.

“There was a thought [that I was going to die] but it was more like something was telling me I wasn’t going to die that day,” he told the local station. “I felt I had a lot of angels out there with me that day — a lot of people looking out for me.”

The human resources representative for the Swanson Bark and Wood Products company told the local station that it would pay all of Mr. Arce’s medical bills.

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