- The Washington Times
Thursday, February 7, 2013

Six-year-old Jason Black Jr., a black boy from San Diego, just wanted a hug from the Disneyland employee dressed as the White Rabbit, from the “Alice in Wonderland” story.

“I went to hug him but he turned his back,” the boy said, according to a story from Fox5SanDiego.com. “It’s made me feel sad because I wanted to really hug him.” Brother Elijah, meanwhile, tried to hold the rabbit’s hand — paw? — but the employee kept pushing the boy’s hand away, according to the report.

So the family sued.

The rabbit is racist, they alleged.

The family reported seeing the character hugging, kissing and taking photographs with other Disneyland guests. The Black family wants Disney to apologize and fire the worker who acts as the White Rabbit.

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