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Janice W. Wright

Job Title: Legal Sales Assistant

Years of Services: in this position 1 1/2 years, 4 years in a customer service position and on at the company since 1989 where I began as a data entry clerk.

What's the best part about working for TWT? What brings me joy here is the people I work with. Staying in this company for so long has given me the opportunity to meet some very impressionable people who I still communicate with today.

Ken Shepherd

Job Title: Desk Editor

Years of Services: 2 Years

Career Highlights: I believe I was one of the first to report on the Associated Press's Stylebook changes last year regarding language surrounding transgenderism and gender-identity issues. As a lifelong news junkie and a veteran media critic, I believe stories like those are an important window into the linguistic politics of the mainstream media that our readers should be aware of.

Joan M. Jackson

Job Title: Accounts Receivable Manager

Years of Services: Began 10/4/1993 and again May 15, 2000

What's the best part about working for TWT? The people and staff I have met over the years and of course, being on top of the news. I have been in the newspaper industry since college.

Ray Bolding

Job Title: Chief Financial Officer

Years of Services: 18 Years

What's the best part about working for TWT? For me is one of the guiding principles: Family. From the very beginning, the accounting department has always felt like family. We recognized that we had a job to do, and went about it in a professional manner, but we had fun doing it. There was always an element of respect and kindness. Additionally, TWT has afforded me the ability to take care of my immediate family and never miss an important ballgame or track meet.

Alex Swoyer

Job Title: Legal Affairs Reporter

Years of Services: 3 Years

Career Highlights: I have enjoyed covering blockbuster cases for the Supreme Court this term -- including the much watched case about the conflict between a same-sex couple and the Christian baker who refused to bake them a wedding cake.

Chris Doyle

Job Title: Senior Account Executive, Integrated Advertising

Years of Services: 10 Years

What's the best part about working for TWT? Working at TWT has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. One of the most rewarding aspects about working here has been the people that I have met and built relationships with along the way.

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Our Company Values

  • Principled — Aligned with first principles of Freedom, Faith, Family, Service and Participation
  • Integrity — Maintaining the highest ethical standards and always doing what’s right
  • Customer-focused — Letting what’s best for our readers and advertisers inform our thinking
  • Innovation — Constantly looking for better ways to do things
  • Collaboration — Working as a partner internally and externally
  • Excellence — Adhering to the highest possible standard in all we do
  • Accountability — Being responsible for decisions, actions and results

Our Company Vision

The Washington Times will be the most distinctive consumed and respected source of news and ideas on the issues that shape our world.

Our Company Mission

To inform and engage Washington, the nation, and the world on the important political, national security, and cultural issues of the day.

Our in-depth coverage and analysis brings unique value to our consumers, advertisers, and the community which assures our profitability and growth.

Our Benefits

The Washington Times offers a competitive base salary which includes, medical, dental, vision & company-paid life insurance, as well as a generous paid time off program, matching 401(k) plan, and free on-site parking!

* The Washington Times is an equal opportunity employer.

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