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Illustration on the threat of obesity in America by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Obesity is America's next pandemic

Obesity is out of control. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 42 percent of Americans have reported undesired weight gain.

Illustration on the PRO act and business by Alexander Hunter/The Washington times

The PRO Act will kill my family's business

The PRO Act push by unions and Democratic Congress members shows that, in the fight to protect unions and knock big corporations down, they're willing to sacrifice America's small firms as collateral damage.

European Whiskey Tariffs on American Products Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

How America watered down whiskey's global appeal

American whiskey distillers always deserve a toast. They're responsible for creating some of the most delicious liquor in the world, and they've kindly shared it for years and years.

Illustration on U.S. vigilance against terrorism by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Democrats' counterrorism policy is the real terror

We're supposed to treat political extremists like terrorists now. At least, that's the suggestion of longtime CIA officer Robert Grenier and a lot of other Democrats in our government.