Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin said recently, “Ronald Reagan changed lives.” But Mr. Youngkin forgets to mention that Reagan also changed the national debt — in a bad way.

Reagan was the first president to boost the national debt to $1 trillion, setting a precedent for big government spending for the next 40 years and landing us in the debt-ceiling mess we are in today, at $31 trillion.

The Republican formula for killing America with an insurmountable debt is ever more defense spending. But why do we need more defense spending when we already spend more than the next 10 biggest defense spenders combined? And when we have the two largest oceans in the world to protect us against invaders?

Only Central and South America have invaded us lately, and not with guns. Republicans are getting rich on defense spending we don’t need, which we know thanks to revelations in The Wall Street Journal that members of Congress and federal regulators are going wild on insider trading.


Woods Cross, Utah 

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