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Wednesday, March 8, 2023


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in comments on CNN suggested “extreme weather events” — climate change — was to blame for the mass migration across the border that has resulted in historic levels of illegals in America.

And here we all thought it was President Biden’s open border policies.

In typical bureauspeak, Mayorkas told CNN host Christiane Amanpour, as reported by Breitbart: “I speak often about the fact that homeland security is now converged with national security. We’re in an interconnected world. In the cyber realm, in cyberspace, borders are irrelevant. Foreign nation-states attack us through disinformation, by way of ransomware, and other means irrespective of borders. The challenge of extreme weather events, the gravity and frequency, not just here in the United States, but internationally and their consequences of triggering migration, the greatest level of migration that we’ve had in the hemisphere in decades and decades.”

So it’s not a border crisis? Nothing to see here folks, go home?

From Amanpour to Mayorkas: “Do you consider it a crisis in the Biden administration?”

From Mayorkas to Amanpour: “[T]he issues that we have are extraordinarily diverse. I spoke about extreme weather events. I spoke about cybersecurity …” 

In other words: No.

It’s an interesting theory to point to weather patterns over presidential policy in regard to border crossings.

Border patrol agents, for example, in testimony to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability in February, failed to mention climate change as a top factor to fight to keep out illegals. Rather, they spoke of drug dealers and cartels and suspected terrorists and human traffickers and the like — not exactly your typical climate change fighting forces.

From their testimony — these bullet points: “Drug cartels and human smuggling operations are exploiting chaos at the border to overwhelm Border Patrol agents’ resources, place migrants in peril, traffic deadly narcotics and bring criminals into the United States.”

And just why are the Border Patrol agents overwhelmed and facing chaos at the border?

“Chairman James Comer emphasized that President Biden removed many of the deterrent-focused policies that were successful at reducing the flow of illegal border crossings,” the House Oversight website wrote. 

Comer’s own words at this hearing: “It’s unfortunate … that President Biden’s administration removed many of the deterrent policies that were working to reduce the flow of illegal border crossings and keep cartels in check. For two years, we’ve watched a crisis unfold with little oversight. No longer.”

Yes. It’s policy — not the weather.

This administration has a purposeful intent to keep open America’s borders as wide as possible, for as long as possible, and to do so simply for political reasons.

Democrats want the votes they think these illegals will give their party.

Globalists want the capsizing of America’s Constitution and sovereign rule of law and order.

And Biden wants to win the praise of his puppet masters by doing their bidding one open border day at a time.

If these leftists were forced to live in the chaotic situations they create by letting in illegals who don’t know our Constitution, who care little for our limited government system and who may or may not — who knows? Who checks? — have criminal intents against American citizens — if these leftists had to live in these lawless communities they created, then the borders would be snapped shut.

But they don’t. They live behind walled and gated communities and they walk about with armed guards, and they go to offices that are far from the border and that are protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week by trained security officials.

They live about it all.

And they look down their noses at the plight of the people whom they have purposely placed in danger.

To call out the crisis as a climate issue is the height of hubris, though.

Mayorkas should have been yanked from office long ago, when he went on national television and lied about the whip-wielding border agents and wrongly — knowingly wrongly — painted them as abusive.

But he’s still around. He’s still lying. He’s still given a media platform to put forth his lies.

No sane American believes climate change is driving the record levels of illegals to this country. It’s policy rooted with Biden. And it’s policy aimed at decimating and destroying all that’s exceptional about America. There’s a war over the border — but the real enemies are in the White House.

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