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The enemies of civilization, the army of the “woke,” are sadists — period.

I used to think that they were merely blind to the suffering of others or viewed it as the necessary means to a higher end.

But it’s worse than that.

They think we deserve to suffer and are determined to see that we do — “we” being the middle class, especially those of us who are White, male and heterosexual.

Some middle school students at Utah’s Nebo School District were asked to eat insects as a class assignment.

The teacher explained that they are an excellent source of protein and we need to stop raising cows, which are killing the planet by causing climate change. One parent, who said her daughter was being indoctrinated in the “dark climate change religion,” blew the whistle.

If the teacher eats creepy-crawly things at home, I’ll believe she’s sincere. More likely, as a progressive, she’s disgusted by the dietary habits of the average American: Big Macs, beer, barbecue, and potatoes slathered with butter and sour cream. This revulsion finds its expression in a desire to see us chowing down on bugs.

Medieval monks and 17th-century Calvinists believed that suffering was good for the soul. The “woke” believe we deserve to suffer, regardless of its effect on our souls, for the sins of sexism, materialism, eco-genocide and white supremacy.

In California, the average price of gasoline is almost $5 a gallon, and Gov. Gavin Newsom loves it. He’d be thrilled if it reached $10 a gallon.

Those who shout “death to fossil fuels” are revolted by our alleged rape of the Earth and want to see us punished for it. They look forward to the day when we are shivering in our homes in the winter, with the thermostat set at 50, walking or bicycling to work because the cost of gas is beyond our reach, and smelly year-round because we can shower only once every two or three weeks.

They like seeing our city streets turned into homeless encampments, strewn with garbage and used needles, serving as breeding grounds for disease and vermin. They believe we’re responsible for homelessness and deserve to have our noses rubbed in it.

The crime explosion goes beyond hatred of police and sympathy for felons.

Liberal prosecutors and progressive mayors believe crime is bred by poverty and racism and, again, that it’s the fault of the White middle class. So, if our cities have come to resemble Kyiv at the height of the Russian bombing, it’s well-deserved punishment for our indifference to social pathologies.

With transgenderism, the Democratic Party has found a way to alienate family members from one another. The president recently called laws against transgender mutilation of minors “close to sinful.”

Corrupting our children is one of the left’s favorite tactics. Thus, the passion for explicit sex education courses that encourage adolescent experimentation and spectacles like “drag queen story hour.”

What better way to punish families for their heterosexual prejudice than to turn their sons into daughters and their daughters into sons? It’ll be such fun watching them squirm at Christmas, Thanksgiving and other family holidays. It also reduces the birthrate.

The two-pronged “woke” assault on the pillars of American society includes an attack on faith as well as family.

You can say anything in a public school today (including graphic descriptions of the most bizarre sex acts) except a prayer. It matters not how symbolic the act is. It took a Supreme Court decision to get a high school football coach reinstated after he was fired for praying silently on the field after a game.

The consolation of religion is also to be denied to us.

The left’s sadism is ingrained. From the Reign of Terror to the Cultural Revolution and the killing fields, it’s always been about inflicting maximum pain on humanity. Its followers are the ultimate misanthropes.

Former first lady Hillary Clinton called us “a basketful of deplorables.” President Barack Obama said small-town Americans “bitterly cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment.” President Biden says MAGA Republicans are enemies of democracy by refusing to accept the outcome of fixed elections.

What do you do with such violence-prone fanatics, insurrectionists and hate-mongers? Educate them? Impossible! No, you hurt them for being the miscreants that they are by getting their children to eat insects.

• Don Feder is a columnist with The Washington Times.

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