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Friday, March 17, 2023


China’s dictatorial dear one, Xi Jinping, recently wrapped a virtual meeting of like-minded communist leaders by calling for a worldwide embrace of a “global civilization initiative” that focused on the furtherance of six “common values of humanity” — specifically, “peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom.”

This is laughable. At least — this should be laughable. Setting China in charge of determining standards of freedom is about as ludicrous as letting the blind guy drive the pace car at a Nascar race. Only at least the blind guy would genuinely try and steer in the right direction. Communists, on the other hand, are perpetual and inherent liars. It’s the nature of their beast.

But what should normally be laughable is no longer.

The world’s flipped.

What’s good has been taken for evil. What’s evil has been taken as good.

The danger, of course, is that while China has been growing its influence all over the place, America’s been suffering under the leadership of a China-fawning buffoon in the White House, and this one-two punch has left the world in a bit of quandary. If they can’t trust America, who can they trust?

America has for years erroneously opened its doors wide to China influence, culturally and economically, naively trusting the communists wanted to go capitalist.

Then came the coronavirus, in all its collectivist glory. For three years, Americans stood down their individual rights — their God-given rights — for a virus they were told was a killing machine. That was a lie. But Americans showed their willingness to bow to government based on order, based on dictate, based on fear and shaming and the whims and wills of medical bureaucrats and a Microsoft maker and a global force run by China interests.

That atmosphere of bending to government will hasn’t exactly drifted away.

There are still far too many Americans wearing face masks as they walk down the road in the open sunshine by themselves. Why? They’ve been conditioned to accept government’s orders.

So now President Xi is taking a strategic look at the world’s events — at the success of the coronavirus to steal away individual liberties; at the weakness of the White House and willingness of the Joe Biden administration to bend to Beijing will — and concluding: now’s the time to make a mass Marxist move on the world.

And they’re doing it in a way that sounds oh-so-sweet to the typical Democrat voter ear.

“Peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom” — these are the words of today’s Democrat-slash-socialist. These are the words that resonate with the leftists in America as noble and achievable through the political process. 

Communist Xi sees his goal of global dominance in sight, and he wants to take advantage before the tone and tenor of U.S. politics change.

It was less than a year ago, remember, Xi used very different words to describe his goal for communist China.

China Celebrates Its Communist Party’s Centennial With Spectacle, Saber Rattling,” NPR wrote in July, 2021.

In recognition of 100 years of communist rule, Beijing in 2021 came alive with propaganda banners, celebratory marches through Tiananmen Square — where tanks once rolled over young protesters’ bodies — and workers took to the streets, singing those ol’ tymey CCP favorites, “Socialism Is Good,” and “Without the Chinese Communist Party, There Would Be No New China,” as NPR reported.

Then Xi took to the stage.

“The Chinese people will never allow any foreign forces to bully, oppress or enslave us,” Xi said then. “Anyone who dares will have their heads cracked and their blood will flow before the steal Great Wall built with the flesh and blood of 1.4 billion Chinese people.”

Slightly different from “peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom” — yes? 

“The Communist Party of China and the Chinese people, with their bravery and tenacity, solemnly proclaim to the world that the Chinese people are not only good at taking down the old world, but also good at building a new one,” Xi also said then. “Only socialism can save China, and only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China.”

Socialism with Chinese characteristics — that’s code for communism. 

The same communism that demands citizens serve the state, not self.

The same communism that requires religious believers to serve up their worship to government entities, not  God.

The same communism that is now coming cloaked in a nice-sounding, tame-toned “Global Civilization Initiative.” 

If we had a better president in the White House, this “Global Civilization Initiative” wouldn’t present such a danger to America’s future freedoms. But we don’t. And evil’s been swapped for good and good’s been flipped for evil.

Beware the friendly sounding phrases.

Satan himself was once the most beautiful of angels.

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