President Biden tells us he had an ”epiphany” about same-sex marriage when he was a senior in high school (“Biden mocked for story about same-sex marriage ‘epiphany,’” web, March 14).

And he was for LGBTQ rights then, too. Really? When he was a high school senior in Delaware, I was a high school sophomore in New Jersey, and I can tell you there was no talk back then about LGBTQ, transgenderism or same-sex marriage. People were neither for nor against any of those things, as those subjects were rarely, if ever, discussed.

In 1960-61, “gay” meant happy with no sexual connotation. Except perhaps in ultra-liberal conclaves, homosexuals (not “gays”) mostly kept their sexuality private. Those are simple historical facts.

So what explains the president’s unsolicited comments this week about those very controversial issues of today? We have a very effective word for people who intentionally make false statements: liars. Even The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler exposed Mr. Biden’s lie about this “epiphany.” Mr. Biden has now been caught in so many lies, it is hard to keep track, but this one cannot leave any doubt about his true nature, even to his most ardent supporters.

Yet where is the widespread journalistic outrage that mainstream reporters so quickly express when a conservative says anything that can be interpreted as a lie? An ill-informed public leads directly to a failed and fallen country, and we have an incredibly ill-informed public, made so mainly by mainstream-media malpractice. 


Burke, Virginia

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