Tuesday, January 31, 2023


A Colorado court just ruled (again) against the long-suffering and humble Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado.

This time, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled against Jack for refusing to create a custom “transgender” cake — one that was pink on the inside and blue on the outside and designed to symbolize and celebrate a so-called gender transition.

Apparently, Jack is the only baker in the state of Colorado. Same-sex couples or those attempting to change their sex — as if it that were something that could be changed – somehow always end up wandering into Jack’s shop.

Maybe that’s not their fault. Perhaps Jack’s cakes are so extraordinary, so delectable, so delicious that these individuals just have to go there.

But we all know that’s not true. The reason Autumn Scardina, a male attorney in Denver, requested in 2017 that Jack make the pink and blue cake is specifically because he knows that’s something Jack wouldn’t do.

Mr. Scardina called and ordered the “transgender” cake on June 26, 2017 — not so coincidentally the same day the Supreme Court announced that it would hear Jack’s first case. As a Christian who believes that God created us, either male or female, Jack declined.

While Mr. Phillips’ first case was underway, Mr. Scardina called the shop again and asked to order several types of custom cakes, including one that would have depicted Satan smoking a joint.

Jack again declined.

Mr. Scardina’s motive all along has been trying to prove that Mr. Phillips discriminated against him based on Mr. Scardina’s “transgender” status. That is what Mr. Scardina alleged in his subsequent lawsuit against Jack in a Colorado state court, and would be illegal under state law, putting Mr. Phillips‘ business in serious jeopardy. Mr. Scardina has also sent him emails, calling him a bigot and a hypocrite.

Jack didn’t refuse to create these custom cakes because Mr. Scardina is transgender. He refused because they would express a message that as a Christian, he can’t in good conscience affirm.

Does this seem like a person acting in good faith? Does this seem like someone who is part of a persecuted minority group just looking to see their rights upheld?

Or is this someone who has declared a jihad on Jack Phillips, looking to ruin his life and his livelihood in any way he can?

It’s funny how those on the “tolerant” left are somehow the most intolerant.

What Mr. Scardina has orchestrated against Mr. Phillips is legalized harassment. It’s purposeful targeting. And it must end.

Jack doesn’t go looking for trouble. The trouble comes to him.

Mr. Phillips has been in court defending his right to exist as a Christian baker for over a decade since his first legal fight began in 2012.

What he has been through is nothing less than legalized and government-sanctioned persecution.

Since 2012, Jack has lost 40% of his business. He’s gone from 10 employees to just four. He’s been called a Nazi, and his Christian beliefs have been likened to the beliefs of slave owners. He’s faced harassment and death threats and has had to carry the weight of a seemingly never-ending legal battle.

Yet somehow, Jack fights on.

Ever the happy warrior, just last year, Jack said: “We’re doing well. You know God has taught us a lot through all this. My family’s much closer. My faith is stronger than it was 10 years ago by far. So, we’re doing good.”

Jack Phillips has demonstrated more courage, conviction and pure grit than most people — most Christians — would be able to muster. He’s a modern-day inspiration of what it looks like to model a Christian witness in the face of a hostile and post-Christian culture.

But it’s far past time for Christians and all good people of goodwill to stand up and say, enough is enough.

Christians and all those who wish to live in a truly tolerant society must rally around Jack. Pray for him and his family. Visit and patronize his shop. Consider a donation to him or his lawyers. And for elected state or federal officials, consider legislation to end this legalized harassment.

This war against Jack must end. And we will see it ended.

• Zachary Mettler is a staff writer and communications liaison for The Daily Citizen at Focus on the Family.

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