How interesting that Dr. Erik R. Swenson has noticed the death rate for COVID-19 remains too high (“FDA should approve more therapeutics to prevent COVID-19 deaths,” Web, Jan. 23). The reason is that the population infection rate has been maintained, and that is caused by employing a leaky vaccine. Any scientist with a brain knew this would happen. It always does when you vaccinate a highly infected population against a very mutable virus with a nonsterilizing vaccine. 

Highly mutable coronaviruses do not always mutate to less virulent forms. If you maintain the population infection pressure, as is being done by public health authorities, you will eventually obtain through recombination a more virulent form, which may also maintain the infectious properties. This is why vaccine trials on animals for coronaviruses always end in failure.

There is an emerging elephant in the room, which was also warned about from the beginning. The vaccines are highly toxic, both short- and long-term. Excess mortality rates are like nothing seen before in highly vaccinated countries. Health statistics have recently revealed 17,000 excess deaths in the United Kingdom since the beginning of the year. The deaths extend across all age brackets.

Notably, Africa does not have this problem, since those nations could not afford the vaccines. 

If the Republicans think they are going to spend two years proving that President Biden is a crook (that’s well known), and not have hearings about this, they’d better think again. And if Donald Trump thinks he is going to ignore this elephant, he is going to join his party on the ash heap of history.

Reston, Virginia

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